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Top 5 Grass Pokémon Cards

Along with Fire types and Water types, the Grass type Pokémon are one of the basic elemental types in the Pokémon Universe; however, they are considered the weakest among the three types. Hence, they are usually attached to other Energy and Support cards like that of Poison to enhance their strength. 

However, the Water-type can have some of the best moves in the card game, provided you are aware of which card to pick and which one to keep at bay. Follow this guide to get the hang of one of the strongest water-type Pokémon in your collection!

5. Accelgor

From the Dark Explorers set, Accelgor has an HP of 90. This is a Stage 1 Pokemon. The attack’ Deck and Cover’ are what brought it to our top 5 list. With this attack, you can paralyze and poison your opponent’s Pokémon, all the while sending damage of 50. 

Throughout the history of TCG, Accelgor has seen battles with different Pokémon attached to it, such as Mew, Trevenant, and Dusknoir. 

4. Muk

Muk, which evolves from Grimer, is a 70 HP Stage 1 Pokémon. It’s Pokémon Power is ‘Toxic Gas.’ It prevents all Pokémon Powers other than Toxic Gases from damaging it unconditionally. It even has an attack of ‘Sludge’ that deals 30 damage to your opponent’s defending Pokémon. 

It would be best if you got heads on a coin flip to play it. 

3. Verizon EX

Verizon EX card is a basic Pokémon with an HP of 170. It has the ability of ‘Verdant Wind,’ which allows any Pokémon of Grass Energy attached with Verizon EX to remain unaffected by any special conditions like poisoning, paralyzing, or falling asleep, making your deck much powerful than before. It has an attack, ‘Emeral Slash,’ that deals 50 damage to the opponent.  

2. Golisopod GX

With a massive HP of 210, Golisopod GX is a Stage 1 Grass-type Pokémon. It has an attack known as ‘First Impression,’ which normally deals 30 damage, but if it became active in your turn after being benched, it deals 90 more damage. There is ‘Armor Press’ with 100 damage and ‘Crossing Cut GX’ with 150 damage. 

1. Decidueye GX

At number 1, we have Decidueye GX with a towering HP of 240, which came out with the Sun and Moonset. This card is an insanely powerful card with the ability’ Feather Arrow,’ which means you can put two damage counters on any one of your opponent’s Pokémon before your attack. With ‘Razor Leaf’ leading damage of 90, you can use this card in your deck to achieve victory in no time!

All in all, grass attack moves are super effective against Water, Ground, and Rock Pokémon. With defense moves being best from attacks sent by Water, Electric, Grass, and Ground Pokémon, if you know when to make use of them, you can make your way to winning a tournament. 

All you have to do is play smart!

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Top 5 Water Pokémon Cards

The Pokémon universe has been a source of happiness for thousands of individuals, from children to adults. With the television cartoon being everyone’s favorite, it was no surprise that the Pokémon trading card game’s (TCG) launch became impossible to ignore.  Years later, the Pokémon card craze is still growing, with many enthusiasts often taking part in big tournaments and competitions.

If you are one such enthusiast who is new to this yet still wants to play the game now and then, you have come to the right place to help you figure out what Pokémon cards will help you defeat your opponent!

Whether you are a competitor or a collector, below is a list of the top 5 best water-type Pokémon cards that have been released over the years, which more or less guarantee your win by a clear margin against your competitor.

5. Gyarados:

Evolving from Magikarp, the Gyarados card is from Stormfront. Being a level 52 card, it has three different attacks that a player can make use of. The most impactful one is the ‘Tail Revenge.’ It takes up 0 energy yet does damage up to 30 times the amount of Magikarp in your discard pile. 

The expert belt gave Gyarados 20 more HP, taking it up to 130 HP, making it a very hard Pokémon to knock out. With this one, you should win the game by a clear margin. 

No Pokémon card game guide will truly cover all that you need to know, but with this information, you are now one step further in your journey of becoming a Pokémon Master! 

4. Feraligatr:

Amongst the oldest cards made, Feraligatr is a stage 2 card with 120 HP. Along with being able to use the attack’ Riptide,’ which did ten damage plus ten damage multiplied by the number of water energy Pokémon cards in your discard pile, the Feraligatr deck was considered to be one of the most powerful in its era with items cards like ‘Misty’s Wrath.’

3. Keldeo Ex:

This is a basic water-type Ex Pokemon with up to 170 HP. This is a powerful card because it has the ability to ‘Rush In’. 

What that does is if this Pokémon was on the bench, you could switch it with a Pokémon of yours that is active, allowing you to recycle Keldeos back and forth. With the help of item cards like ‘Float Stone,’ it allowed you to switch any attacker you want out. 

2. Seismitoad Ex:

First released as part of the Furious Fists expansion, it is one of the most dominant playing cards with an HP of 180. 

It consisted of two very powerful attacks: Quaking Punch and Grenade Hammer. The former prevented your opponent from using any item card in their next turn. This card is quite controlling, and with item cards like ‘Hypnotoxic Laser,’ you can easily win the game.

1. Blastoise: 

Evolving from Wartortle, the Blastoise card from Boundaries Crossed expansion; this was a Stage 2 card with an HP of 140. With attacks like Hydro Pump, you get to do ten more damage for each water-type energy attached to this Pokémon, making it easily one of the strongest cards to use along with other cards like Blastoise Ex. 

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Top 5 Lightning Pokémon Cards

When playing Pokémon: The Card Game (TCG), every player should know what the best move is to win the game. I mean, how can you win if you don’t know what your golden moves are, right? 

In this blog, we discuss the Top 5 Lightning Pokémon Cards to help you win your battles and become a Pokémon Master! These lightning Pokémon have always impressed users due to their powers like that of paralyzing and stun. 

5. Magnezone

The generation IV Magnezone is inevitably in our top 5, considering it has 11 resistances and one immunity! You will have to pay close attention to damage with this card; however, because it falls short in the weaknesses, it has to attacking type Pokémon. With an HP of 140, and an ability like Magnetic Circuit, which allows you to attach any other lightning energy card to any Pokémon card from your deck, you are bound to win. 

Now that you know what the best cards to play are when it comes to Lightning Pokémon, it’s time to go searching for these to add to your collection. 

Stagger your opponent off the playing field in a matter of seconds, especially those heavily dependent on Flying and Water-type Pokémon!

4. Jolteon

Having evolved with the Thunderstone, Jolteon has an HP of 90. With a speed base of 130, this makes Jolteon one of the quickest and agile Pokémon in the card game. 

With this card, you can be both offensive and defensive, or a balance of both if you like. Moreover, it facilitates your other Pokémon in play to become a lightning type Pokémon along with their existing type with its ability ‘Electric Effect.’ 

Use this card and see just how well it fits with your deck format. 

3. Tapu Koko GX

Many players argue that Tapu Koko GX isn’t the strongest playing card in Pokémon TCG. While it may not have any resistance, unlike many other GX units, Tapu Koko doesn’t harbor any weaknesses either. It’s ability, known as ‘Sky-High Claws,’ delivers a shock for 130 damage with no side effect. In comparison, ‘Tapu Thunder GX’ delivers 50 damage, multiplied by the amount of energy attached to all those Pokémon the player is opposing. 

2. Thundurus

A force to be reckoned with, Thundurus is a player-favorite and is used in many tournaments. With attacks like ‘Headlock’ that requires a flip of a coin, either option helps you win against your opponent. If you get heads, the attack will do 30 + 30 damage, and if tails, your opponent’s active Pokémon becomes paralyzed!

1. Mega Ampharos

With a whopping HP of 220, at number one, we have the Mega Amphorus. This lighting type Pokémon is equipped with an extremely powerful type of attack known as Exavolt. Though its speed isn’t up to par with a meager 45 stat due to its bulk, it is a great card to be played as a defense against an attacker.

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Top 5 Fire Pokémon Cards

Pokémon has endeared the hearts and minds of fans in all seven continents, whether it’s from a competitor or collector side with the Pokémon trading card game or even the TV show itself. Ever since its release decades ago, people have been going crazy over collecting the Pokémon cards and putting them to good use against their opponents. 

Below we have categorized our five personal favorite Fire-type Pokémon for you to collect and use in your next game – if you want to win. Let’s have a look!

5. Ho-Oh EX

The Ho-Oh EX from the Dragon’s Exalted set made it to our list of top 5. With an HP of 160, Ho-Oh is a basic Fire-type Pokémon. The reason this Pokémon topped the charts when it came out is because of its ability ‘Rebirth.’ With this, before the player would attack, they were allowed to flip a coin. If it was head, they were allowed to bring Ho-Oh back to the bench from the discard pile, along with attaching any three basic Energy cards from the discard pile.

4. Emboar

This Pokémon Card was printed twice in the Black and White set, as well as Legendary Treasures. With an HP of 150, Emboar has the ability known as ‘Inferno Fandango.’ It allowed players to attach a Fire Energy card from their hand to their Pokémon before their attack. 

If you plan on adding this to your collection, be sure to bag its supporting cards as well for a stronger attack.

3. Flareon EX 

A 110 HP Stage 1 Pokémon, Flareon EX has the Poke-Power ‘Evolutionary Flame’ and attacks ‘Flame Screen’ and ‘Heat Tackle.’ The former did a damage of 30 and reduced any attack done by your opponent by 20, whereas Heat Tackle damaged your opponent by 70 and did 10 damage to itself. 

2. Blaziken

Blaziken is a stage 2 100 HP Pokémon. The attack ‘Fire Stream’ not only does 50 damage, but if you discard a Fire Energy card attacked to Blaziken, this attack does 10 damage to each of the Benched Pokémon your opponent has. This widespread attack really weakens your opponents and helps you reach victory every time!

1. Reshiram & Charizard GX

Nothing can top this insanely strong card, especially with a whopping 270 HP. It is made even stronger with supporting cards like ‘Welder.’ It has three different attacks, ‘Outrage’ for 30 damage, ‘Flare Strike’ for 230 damage, and ‘Double Blaze GX,’ which does 200 damage, plus 100 more if you have three extra Fire Energy cards attached! 

This card is insanely difficult to knock down because every damage done to it results in a counter of 10 more damage on the opponents’ card.

Hit your opponent with any one of these Fire-type Pokémon cards in your next battle and expect a clear-cut win in no time! Those around you witnessing your game will be in a state of shock after seeing how well you’ve made use of your Fire Pokémon!

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Return Of The Great Kadabra: A Comeback 20 Years Too Late

The Uncanny Faith Of The Pokémon TCG

When Pokémon, came into being, its creators did not anticipate it becoming one of the largest media franchises of all time. As years passed, the cartoon gained more and more fans, leading to its highly competitive card game being introduced in the market for all the Pokémon fans. The card game, similar to the game, comprised of various characters, which were meant to help fans challenge each other in healthy card battles and trading shows. However, much like any famous franchise that faces controversies, the ever-famous Pokémon card game caught itself amidst a lawsuit as well.

The Great Kadabra Pokémon

The Pokémon, Kadabra, is under the psychic Pokémon type, with its evolution line of Abra and Alakazam. The character appears in different forms under various Pokémon sets, including the rare Dark Kadabra of Team Rocket and Gym Leader Sabrina’s Kadabra. Due to the troubles that have been attracted to the Kadabra, much like its spoons, the card has not been seen by many fans in years. One such fan, TheGamer, took notice of the ordeal and dug deeper into the topic, to uncover the reason why the character has not been on a Pokémon trading card for over twenty years.

An Unwanted Lawsuit With A Hefty Fine

After Pokémon based one of its integral characters, Kadabra, over a living person, the franchise found itself become a part of famous litigation – and the rest is history!

Who is Uri Geller? and his role in the removal of the Pokémon

Uri Geller is a very popular illusionist, known for his magic tricks around the world. His most common and widely appreciated illusion was that where he pretended to bend spoons with his mind, creating havoc amidst the people. With Kadabra’s strengths around bending spoons and all that comes in its way, Uri Geller was able to file a lawsuit against the character’s unfair representation of the psychic without his permission.

After receiving plenty of criticism on the character, Geller reached out to Nintendo and the creators of Pokémon to retract a ban on the Kadabra Pokémon card. After negotiations between the two parties were completed, the Kadabra Pokémon card was removed from the deck, banned from being traded, and completely disappeared from the franchise for over twenty years.

A keen change of heart

Surprisingly, Uri Geller has had a striking change of heart, after nearly two decades!

The psychic claims to have received thousands of emails, begging the artist to permit Nintendo on releasing the card once more. Upon the request of such a large fan base, Uri Geller gave Nintendo permission to print the card.

Now, after twenty years, the Kadabra Pokémon will be launched in the universe of Pokémon trading cards, waiting to be cherished by millions of fans around the world.

What This Means For The Pokémon TCG Universe?

Prior to the lawsuit, as the decision to remove Kadabra was rushed and picketed, the Pokémon trading card game permitted fans to establish a pattern where they evolve the Pokémon Abra without it transforming into its next form, Kadabra, straight to its last form, Alakazam. However, now, with the card being re-introduced in the Pokémon trading card game universe, it is likely that Pokémon will be changing up some rules!

Now You See It

We hope that you are as excited as we are about figuring out where the card is meant to fit in the Pokémon trading card game along with the necessary tips and tricks to gain an upper hand on your opponent with the mighty rare card!

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Sword and Shield: The Ultimate Catch for This Year

Pokémon is known for its intriguing gaming features. And Sword and Shield is one of the most popular and newest additions to the Pokémon franchises. In this blog, we will take a closer look at what Sword and Shield is all about.

What makes Sword and Shield worth buying?

Sword and Shield is not only the first game for Pokémon to get the Nintendo Switch, but it has also shown some great scope for fans to enjoy their most favorite game in a much better light. The graphics have taken the game to an entirely new level, making it even more engrossing for fans.

How Does Sword and Shield Work?

Pokémon Sword and Shield will make 400 Pokémon accessible for players. These Pokémon will be sorted into two categories, making the game more interesting for Pokémon fans.

The players will be meeting the new Galar Pokémon, including Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble. As the game proceeds to higher levels and becomes more intense, the players will be meeting more and new Pokémon types, making Sword and Shield one of its kind.

While the player is introduced to many new Pokémon, the older ones will also be a part of this game so that fans have something familiar to look forward to.

Is Sword and Shield Good for Beginners?

Since Pokémon Sword and Shield is one of the first games for Nintendo Switch, this offers new players a great start. New players will not need to know old Pokémon players or generations to begin with this version of Pokémon, especially game lovers.

On the other hand, the old players can also make the most of it by enjoying Pokémon Sword and Shield. However, they might have to hold on for a while before they can import their Pokémon from the last generations. Developers are designing a way through which old players can import Pokémon. So for all those players, hold in there till the Home update is announced.

The main idea behind Pokémon games is to catch Pokémon. And this is what has kept all Pokémon fans glued to the game. Players can complete Pokedex as the game offers trading with different players.

Explore the Game

Pokémon Sword and Shield have made the game even more intriguing with the introduction of wild areas. The different wild areas are home to different Pokémon, which means that these specific Pokémon can only be found in certain areas.

Pokémon fans are going to enjoy making food for their Pokémon. This will definitely add more enjoyment for the players as it will boost their experience through the game.


These amazing features of the new Pokémon Sword and Shield have to be fascinating for new and old players. Should you purchase it? Definitely yes! If you are looking for some amazing adventures and gripping plots, this game should be on your buying list. It is very fun to play game, and the graphics will only make your gaming experience worthwhile.

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Reading Pokémon Cards the Right Way!

It is tough to find fun, engaging card games that keep you over the edge in this day in age. However, the Pokémon card games have broken that ordeal ever since their release in the early 90s.

If you’ve got your hands on some Pokémon cards, it’s best to know how to use them, and the only way to know that is to be able to read them properly. Don’t worry! After you know the basics of reading the cards, it’s pretty easy to master knowing how they work.

Start by Identifying the Basics – Type, Health, and Abilities

There are hundreds of Pokémon characters, all of which are categorized into 18 different types, which include electric, water, and ground types, to name a few. When you hold up a Pokémon card, you will be able to see the Pokémon character in the middle, with its name and stage under the illustration. Similarly, to identify the type of category your Pokémon belongs to, check out the card’s top left-hand corner. On the front of the card, you will also be able to read out the special abilities your Pokémon has, which allows them to continue with their attack.

Moreover, every Pokémon has different health bars, which is simply measuring how much damage your Pokémon can take. Once your Pokémon’s health is reduced to zero, you can’t continue playing with the card in the respective game, which makes it imperative to be able to read the health of each card you throw!

Next, Check Out How Much Energy Your Pokémon Needs to Attack

The card’s left-hand side displays how many energy levels are required to use that specific attack when playing against an opponent in the Pokémon card game. For example, if you see two fire circles, it automatically means that you require two fire energies to carry out the attack.

Quite often, Pokémon are coupled with white circle energy. Marked by a colorless circle, this white, colorless energy gives players the advantage of using any kind of element they desire.

Understanding How Many Attacks Your Pokémon is Capable Of

To limit the number of times you can use a Pokémon during your match, the card game allows different Pokémon a specific amount of times they can attack. To figure out how many attack-attempts your Pokémon is allowed, read out the attack section found in the middle of the card. The attack section covers the limit and identifies the move’s names and special conditions or abilities associated with it.

Weighing the Offenses and Defenses of Your Pokémon

On the bottom left side of the card, a section is reserved for displaying every Pokémon’s weakness along with an opposing element. Similarly, right next to that section is one where you can read out the strengths of your Pokémon. By covering the weaknesses and strengths of your Pokémon, you can choose which card to throw to ensure that your competition yields extra damage.

And That’s About It!

Now that you have mastered the art of reading your Pokémon cards, it’s time to put them to good use and defeat your opponent every chance you get.

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5 Effective Tips to Win the Pokémon Card Game

If you have a grand collection stocked up of the ever-great Pokémon cards but have not yet come across a strong strategy good enough to help you master the game, you need not worry! We’ve formulated the top five useful tips that will help you win every Pokémon card battle you can imagine.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your cards and read through this guide to make the most out of your collection.

1. Prioritize Deckbuilding and Establish the Value of Your Cards:

You might have noticed how quickly super-powerful and rare Pokémon cards can change the entire course of your game; hence, it’s essential for you to prioritize deckbuilding. Try aiming at building a deck of around sixty cards. This will help you determine what Pokémon cards you have and how much value they have attached to them.

2. Study Your Cards and Design A Deck Strategy:

After you have created a significant deck of about sixty cards or so, read about each one of your cards using different sources such as Duelist and Inquest, two magazines dedicated to helping you master the art of Pokémon cards. This will help you study and read into your cards regarding their specialties, strengths, weaknesses, and attributes.

Once you believe you are proficient at studying your cards, design a deck strategy. Choose a powerful Pokémon to be in the spotlight, to help you get the upper hand over your opponent. Having the upper hand over your opponent is a clear-cut strategy for winning the game.

3. Pick Secondary Pokémon’s to Boost Your Main Pokémon:

After choosing your strong main Pokémon, choose the rest of your Pokémon to support your primary strategy. Ensure that you’re reading into the secondary Pokémon’s strengths, weaknesses, and powerful abilities.

Don’t forget to include trainers and supporters to supply energy to your main Pokémon quickly.

4. Think Carefully Before Making A Move:

If you attack right away on your turn, the chances are that your head is not in the game. Think of all the possibilities before you attack, such as “how will things change if I throw an electric card?” or “have I activated an ability yet?” or “are my strengths stronger than the strengths of my opponent?”.

Study your opponents’ cards and see the advantages and disadvantages their strategies pose to you and your Pokémon. Your next move should always be to defeat your opponent’s card!

5. Trade for More Pokémon’s Compatible with Your Rare Cards:

Build a strong Pokémon TCG deck by trading for more Pokémon cards. Aim for finding cards compatible with your existing rare cards to strengthen your game and ensure an upper hand over your competitors.

These are the top five tips that you definitely need to follow if you wish to master the art of defeating your opponent every time. Don’t forget to bring your best deck forward and think twice before making every move.

Happy Gaming!

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Rarity in Pokémon Cards

Are you a Pokémon fan, browsing the web endlessly to understand how the rare Pokémon cards work? 

Good thing we have you covered! 

If you already know the basics of the Pokémon cards, you probably already know that every single Pokémon card set has a collector’s card identification number in that set, along with the rarity identification on the bottom righthand corner. What you probably don’t know is that this is considered to be one of the most essential parts of a card, especially for collector enthusiasts! 

Let’s get into the details of each kind of rarity, how it is symbolized, and what each rarity means.

Common Cards:

Common cards, like the name describes, are those that are abundantly available. As a collector, you will most likely come across these very often and maybe even end up having multiple copies of the same card. To distinguish them with other cards, check out their black circle symbol. 

Despite what many might have you believe, having multiple copies of a common card isn’t a bad thing! It allows you to trade your card with someone who might not have it for a card from their collection that you might not have, allowing you to expand your Pokémon card collection!

Uncommon Cards:

Though such cards aren’t rare, you won’t come across them the same way you do with common cards. Any pack that you purchase will contain about 2 to 3 of these kinds of cards, along with 4 to 5 common cards. These are symbolized with a black diamond. 

Rare Cards:

Rare cards are the strongest, coolest, and most desirable cards out there. These are the cards that you definitely want to add to your collection, especially if you’re looking to increase their value by tenfold. Not only are they more challenging and more aesthetically pleasing, but the Pokémon’s featured on them are also quite powerful. 

Symbolized by a black star, these cards tend to be made of holofoil or are holographic. Super cool, right?

Super Rare Cards:

These are quite like rare cards, except they are even harder to come by! With people going out of their way to purchase or find a way to put them in their collection, these cards really make you stand out. 

Amongst many, some super rare, also known as ultra-rare, cards include:

  • Pokémon-EX;
  • Pokémon GX;
  • Pokémon Legend;
  • Pokémon Prime; and
  • Pokémon Star.

Secret Rare Cards:

Every now and then, sets tend to include a ‘secret rare card.’ These cards basically go beyond the set’s limit. For example, the Black and White set had a total of 114 Pokémon cards, but every now and then, there would be an extra card, labeled as ‘115/114’ on the bottom right-hand corner, which is one number higher than the actual amount of cards the set is supposed to include. 

Such cards, more often than not, include a holographic star on them to symbolize its rarity. If you’ve wrestled through your collection to find one of these, it’s best to keep it close to you, as the secret rare card will truly outshine your entire collection! 

Now that you understand how rarity works with these cards look back at your Pokémon cards and figure out how much your collection is really worth. 

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Choosing from Various Types of Pokémon to Win

Have you ever wondered what strategies warrant a clear-cut win against your opponent in the groundbreaking Pokémon card game?

Without a doubt, some types of Pokémon are stronger than the other, allowing you a victory every time you decide to use them. However, quite often, some not-so-powerful Pokémon can have a far more substantial impact when fought against a specific type of Pokémon.

Hence, we have structured this blog in a way that you can easily figure out which one of your Pokémon is best used against the other, just by evaluating the different types of Pokémon. Our guide guarantees a win by a milestone against your competitor.

Understanding and Building your Dream Team

If you’re looking to build a dream team, you need to do a lot more than just analyzing the Pokémon by its attributes. 

Instead, opt for understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and compatibilities with other Pokémon. This will help you identify which types of Pokémon will attack the others best, allowing you to arrange your deck according to the strength strategy of each type of Pokémon.

Knowing and Evaluating the Different Types of Pokémon

There are countless Pokémon creatures that you will come across during the card game. However, they have each been assigned a certain type that allows you to control their attacks and defense by their strengths and weaknesses.

If you opt for using Pokémon types with a greater advantage over the other, you might win the match by a clear margin. For example, one of the most used Pokémon, Pidgey, is a creature that can fly. While it is pretty powerful, if you fight it against a rock-type creature, it’s going to go down in no time. However, you need to know the different attributes, strengths, and weaknesses of each and every type.

Finding Pokémon Types with the Right Advantages

Over 18 significant types are distinguishable, such as Electric, Water, Ground, and Grass, to name a few. Each type has the upper hand over the other.

For example, if you use a Water-type Pokémon to attack a Ground-type Pokémon, it will net you double the normal damage due to its advantages. Similarly, if you use a Fire-type Pokémon against another Fire-type Pokémon, you’re going to yield just a quarter less than double the normal damage. These are some of the most significant types fought against the other, leading to great damage combos.

To check out all the types and their compatibilities, click here. You will be able to figure it all out in no time!

Now that you know how the different types of Pokémon work, it will be much easier for you to master the card game in no time. Don’t forget to always look into the Pokémon’s details and evaluate each type’s advantages and disadvantages before you make a move!

So, don’t wait too long and grab your deck and browse through your cards to see which Pokémon can fight best against the other. 

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Buying Authentic Pokémon Cards

Buying Authentic Pokémon Cards

If you plan on beginning your journey of collecting Pokémon cards, you have probably wondered what a good, reliable source is. Follow this guide and look for trustworthy sources, as there are plenty of fakes in the market!

After all, you wouldn’t want your opponent doubting your credibility as a Pokémon fan or player.

Looking for Cards Online

While buying Pokémon cards online is considered one of the easiest options for starting your collection, it isn’t rare to find dupes that may put you at the risk of getting ripped off by a deceitful dealer. However, if you look in the right places, hundreds of people are willing to sell and trade their collection.

Start your research by checking out affordable, reliable, and fast-paced card websites like Titan Cards. They have a wide range of Pokémon cards, including all the energy boosters, rare cards, and special limited-edition collections. If you know your way around the cards, you can also lookup up special collections on eBay; however, be wary of the scams you might encounter.

Joining A Card Market

Another great way to get the best Pokémon card deals online is by joining a card market. You can either sell your existing cards or look through different categories of people selling their collections online. Through an existing, well-known card market, it can be quite easy to get your hands on single cards, booster boxes, and if you’re extremely lucky, then even sealed products.

Websites like CardMarket are known only to take original Pokémon cards, making it easier for you to get an authentic product without getting scammed. Think of the card market as a stock market but for Pokémon fans!

Searching for Specialized Retailers

If you have time on your hand and are willing to spend the day going around to different retailers, it is undeniably one of the safest ways of purchasing authentic cards. Check out different gaming stores for a vast collection of Pokémon cards, such as booster packs, strength cards, and limited-edition collections. However, due to a 100% authentic and original license, you might find the Pokémon cards to be priced a little higher than those you find online.

If you don’t have a specialized gaming store that sells Pokémon products nearby, check out the local giants in your area, such as Target, Walmart, and Kmart, all three of which are known to sell Pokémon cards at an affordable quote.

Trading Collections Through Meetups and Tournaments

Pokémon collectors don’t just keep their cards hidden away in their drawers; most of them are fond of challenging well-known opponents at local tournaments. Luckily, for a card collector, such events and meetups are a great way of enhancing their card collection.

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Tokenizing Pokémon Cards with NFTs

Cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, digital assets, we’ve heard it all! But have you ever heard of tokenizing ever-so-popular rare Pokémon cards? Don’t worry, today, we will educate you on tokenizing Pokémon cards with NFTs.

In a fast-paced world moving towards blockchain technology and cryptographic assets, there is no surprise that heavy emphasis is being devoted to investing in such currencies. There is, without a doubt, a trend of investing in the unexplored horizons of blockchain technology that promise great results.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens, or better known as NFTs, are a special type of cryptographic token that represents anything unique, giving it the property of not being interchangeable. Contrary to its fungible crypto counterparts, such as bitcoins, non-fungible tokens each hold a separate, significant value, contrasting it amongst the other.

How NFTs work

While the protocols to creating sustainable non-fungible tokens are still being developed, the idea has been very successful, leading to the integration of NFTs in various digital assets. The best part about NFTs is that you can add detailed attributes to the tokens, giving them rich metadata and identity, allowing investors to truly ponder over the potency of the tokens. Such attributes allow the tokens to become a part of the digital currency world’s progression.

With each NFT not easily replaced or substituted by the other, the cryptographic token is a great way of allocating a specific value to a given asset, ensuring that there is a little changeover. Let’s take an example of the ever-famous Pokémon card, Pikachu. The character is absolutely not divisible; hence, leaving no room for swapping the card with another that holds the same value. This is precisely why Pokémon cards can be successfully tokenized as a non-fungible token.

Tokenizing Pokémon Cards as NFTs

Each Pokémon is different, almost unique in its own way, as it has different strengths, weaknesses, and attributes. A typical Pokémon card is made up of the character’s name, health points, type, abilities, attacks, resistances, and retreat costs. Nintendo could print digital tokens, one of a kind or limited run digital assets, uniquely able to easily verify their authenticity.

Anyone can tokenize a Pokémon. When you create a token against a card, a digital twin of the card, representing its value as an asset. While the token itself has no significant value, it draws on the value from the good it represents. Value is bestowed on the token when parties agree that verified ownership of the token bestows ownership of the card itself. If you regularly trade in Pokémon cards, the cost of shipping them globally and the risk of damaging the cards can be costly. The Pokémon card, or an entire Pokémon collection for that matter, could be sitting in a safe deposit box in the Cayman Islands while the token(s) are traded from one owner’s digital wallet to another all over the world with much faster processing times and less expensive transaction fees.

Example: Charizard

For an easier understanding of how and why Pokémon can be easily tokenized, let’s start with the crown jewel, Charizard, a well-known creature in the Pokémon universe.

Charizard is a level 76 fire type Pokémon, channeling HP of 150. The Pokémon’s main ability is energy burn, which allows it to attack via a fire spin using 4 fire energies. Although this Pokémon is known to be the king of the playground, it is exceptionally vulnerable to water, routing a retreat cost of 3.

These characteristics of the Pokémon help it stand out in the crowd, making it unique and different from other Pokémon, for example, much different than the water-type Pokémon Lapras. Hence, adding unique value to the trading cards themselves and making them the perfect candidate for tokenized NFTs

Digital Assets: Complete Portability and Convenience

Your digital wallet can contain digital assets, contacts, and your profile, but also your NFT assets, which can definitely include tokenized Pokémon.

So, if you are planning on trading your Pokémon with complete ease, it’s best to tokenize them using NFTs, making your physical collection go virtual. Such extensive portability allows players to make the most out of their Pokémon collection in no time.

Don’t wait too long and start tokenizing your grand collection to become even finer.