Who is Pokémon Number 591?

Have you noticed the superb mushroom Pokémon number 591 around lately? This article explains why Pokémon 591 could be the most spurious Pokémon of them all.

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Pokémon Number 591 is Amoonguss!

Pokémon 591’s name is Amoonguss. So how did this toadstool Pokémon become so famous? Well, outside of Pokémon games, Amoonguss’ online popularity is likely due to the subtext of the Pokémon 591 meme, and its contagious spore-like dissemination rate, primarily fueled by Google searches for the answer.

pokemon 591 worst mistake of my life meme

Why is Pokémon 591 a meme? 

Well, we should start with the Pokémon’s name, Amoonguss. Amoonguss is part of a pair; its pre-evolved form, Foongus, is a reference to mushrooms. Together with Amoonguss, the pair are Foongus and Amoonguss, doubtless a reference to the old saying “there’s a fungus among us.”

when your friend says he splaying pokemon and you know who's pokemon 591

Why is Pokémon 591 is Looking ‘Sus’?

Sus is a shorthand term for the word suspicious. According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of the word sus is:

Sus: the adjective “Giving the impression that something is questionable or dishonest. This word became the catchphrase in the online multiplayer game Among Us.”

The recently released game “Among Us” (Download here on Steam) may also be named after that saying but focuses on social deception and one player secretly being an imposter. Because of the similarity between Pokémon 591’s name, Amoonguss, to the name of the Among Us game, many streamers and online gamers have posted that Pokémon 591 is looking “sus” and could be the Imposter.

among us crewmat imposter bean shaped astronaut character meme
Among Us, a Crewmate or Imposter Character

The Among Us game is set on a spaceship. Players are randomly assigned a character role of either a Crewmate or an Imposter. The Crewmate’s goal is to complete tasks and vote off imposters in team meetings. The Imposter’s goal is to sabotage the rest of the players as they try to complete in-game tasks and kill Crewmates without being seen and voted off the ship. Throughout the game, Crewmates, aka non-imposters, must complete all the tasks or vote out all the Imposters. Crewmates can also label fellow crewmates as “sus” if they suspect they might be an Imposter.

pokemon among us amoongus
Amoonguss / Among Us Crossover Fan Artwork

Amoonguss is a Pokémon who hides in plain sight, pretending to be what it is not. Amoonguss, like Foonguss, focuses on its disguise, camouflage, and poison. It lures prey close by, dancing and waving its arm caps, which resemble Pokéballs, in a swaying motion. Although it’s not an astronaut, when an Amoonguss successfully masquerades as a Pokéball, it can achieve its goal and poison Pokémon trainers and other prey.

Pokémon #591 • The Amoonguss Meme

Why have fans spread the Pokémon 591 meme so virally? perhaps because of the Pokémon’s name, Amooonguss, and how it uses a pokéball disguise to camouflage its appearance.

The Pokémon 591 meme originally started when a user posted a photo of Amoonguss with the caption, “I don’t know, this Pokémon seems kind of sus.”

the 591st pokemon lookin kinda sus

Pokémon Among Us Crossovers

Since that historical post, Amoonguss has become Among Us game’s unofficial mascot. 

A few of the most popular memes played on the Among Us title screen, “Crewmate, there is 1 Imposter Amoonguss,” with many variations. 


For new followers, the adventure of the meme begins with a petition for the reader to Google Pokémon 591.

The Pokémon 591 meme has since evolved beyond only Amoonguss. It’s spawned an entirely new Pokémon/Among Us genre of entertainment.

Youtube Pokémon 591 Memes

Among Us Pokémon Meme Review

The September 2020 episode of ASPITPIAY, aka Pokémon Meme Review, features many Among Us memes on MandJayTV.

Pokémon Master Imposter Role in Among Us

Ssundee plays a core Mod of Among Us, where the imposter is a Pokémon trainer who can catch crewmates in a Pokéball and turn into Pikachu or Charizard. 

Pokémon Fan Made Imposter Role in Among Us

Zud plays the NEW PokeSus: Fan-Made Imposter Game in Among Us! Watch until the end to see how far he can get into this game!

Reddit Pokémon 591 Memes

The new games are looking kinda sus

The new games are looking kinda sus from pokemon

The new games are looking Kinda sus… A play on the Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee video games for Nintendo Switch.

Amoonguss kinda sus…

Amoonguss kinda sus... from pokememes

Amoonguss kinda sus… Some Pokémon imitate the physical appearance of another species. Voltorb and electrode also mimic the look of a Pokéball in the Pokémon world.

This new Pokémon is kina sus

This new pokémon is kinda sus... from AmongUs

This new Pokémon is kinda sus… Do you have a fanmade Pokémon idea to propose, like Imposterchu? Check out the Pokémon fusion site for inspiration. 

Pokémon 591 Meme Gallery

These are of course only a few of the internet’s thousands of Among Us / Amoonguss memes. Since the game’s release in 2020, the waves of Amoonguss memes and photos have ebbed and flowed, constantly evolving, leading to a massive and lasting surge in Pokémon 591’s online notoriety.

Where Does The Saying “A Fungus Among Us” Come From?

This phrase is part of our cultural memory as inspiration for both the Pokémon duo and possibly the viral 2020 video game. It has a catchy rhyme and is often used to teach children about mushrooms and fungus forms, in addition to the joke, “he was a fungus, but we didn’t have a mushroom for him.” 

A Fungus Among Us references several songs. The title of these songs probably came from the wordplay of the phrase, which has been around for centuries. In 1958, Terry Noland wrote “There Was a Fungus Among Us.” (Listen on YouTube) Since then, the phrase has been a huge part of popular culture.

Of course, Pokémon isn’t the only television show to adopt the title. Spongebob Squarepants, Darkwing Duck, Groundling Marsh, and Milos’ Murphy’s Law all have episodes titled “Fungus Amongus.” No wonder the viral game chose the name Among Us, which spurred the Amoonguss meme we now know about.  

When Did Amoonguss First Appear in the Anime? 

The Amoonguss meme was primarily fueled by the toadstool Pokémon’s name and ability to camouflage itself. Another factor that leads to being labeled an imposter is that Amoonguss is primarily used by Team Rocket, the notorious villains in the Pokémon anime series. 

Pokémon the Series: Black & White episode 109. “New Places Familiar Faces.”

Amoonguss makes its debut anime appearance in the episode “New Places…Familiar Faces.” In it, Team Rocket member James owns an Amoonguss. This particular Amoonguss makes several similar appearances throughout the anime until James is eventually forced to give it to Team Rocket Leader Giovanni. 

However, James’ Amoonguss is not the only Amoonguss seen in the series. The mushroom Pokémon is seen both in the wild and captivity but constantly attacking the heroes, main characters, and innocent Pokémon. 

From attacking Pikachu and Ash to a random Vullaby, a baby vulture Pokémon, Amoonguss is not given a perfect image throughout the anime series. However, much of this is in self-defense or to try to hunt for food, so the main characters don’t view Amoonguss as a villain, just a dangerous Pokémon plant. 

With all of these appearances and many more cameos, perhaps Amoonguss welcomes the press it is getting as the unofficial mascot for the Among Us video game. After all, this is the first time it’s been as popular as Pikachu since it was introduced over a decade ago!

Although a simple Google search reveals that Pokémon 591’s name is Amoonguss, the title collision creates a rich playground of memes that fans of both games can enjoy. So next time you play a Pokémon or Among Us game, you can rest easy knowing that this super spirited mushroom is absolutely getting its rep on the internet.

Pokémon 591 in the TCG

amoonguss pokemon tcg
Amoonguss in the Pokémon TCG
imposterchu - pikachu among us etsy
Imposterchu Novelty Card Available on Etsy
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Pokédex • Pokemon 591 • Amoonguss Generation Amoonguss is a Generation V Pokémon. Type Amoonguss is a dual-type Grass and Poison Pokémon. Weakness Amoonguss is weak against Fire, Flying, Ice, and Psychic Pokémon. Evolution Amoonguss evolves from Foonguss at level 39. Foongus and Amoonguss are mushroom Pokémon and appear similar to Voltorb and Electrode but share more similarities with mushroom Pokémon. Stats Amoonguss Stats ID: 591 Type: Grass,Poison Total: 464 HP: 114 ATK: 85 DEF: 70 Sp. Atk: 85 Sp. Def: 80 Speed: 30 Characteristics Amoonguss is the

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