Have you ever wondered what strategies warrant a clear-cut win against your opponent in the groundbreaking Pokemon card game?

Without a doubt, some types of Pokemon are stronger than others, allowing you a victory every time you decide to use them. However, quite often, some not-so-powerful Pokemon can have a far more substantial impact when fought against a specific type of Pokemon.

Hence, we have structured this blog so that you can easily figure out which one of your Pokemon is best used against the other just by evaluating the different types of Pokemon. Our guide guarantees a win by a milestone against your competitor.

Understanding and Building your Dream Team

If you’re looking to build a dream team, you need to do more than just analyze the Pokemon by its attributes. 

Instead, opt for understanding their strengths, weaknesses, and compatibilities with other Pokemon. This will help you identify which types of Pokemon will attack the others best, allowing you to arrange your deck according to the strength strategy of each type of Pokemon.

Knowing and Evaluating the Different Types of Pokemon

You will come across countless Pokemon creatures during the card game. However, they have each been assigned a certain type that allows you to control their attacks and defense by their strengths and weaknesses.

If you opt for using Pokemon types with a greater advantage over the other, you might win the match by a clear margin. For example, one of the most used Pokemon, Pidgey, is a creature that can fly. While it is pretty powerful, if you fight it against a rock-type creature, it will go down in no time. However, you need to know every type’s different attributes, strengths, and weaknesses.

Finding Pokemon Types with the Right Advantages

Over 18 significant types are distinguishable, such as Electric, Water, Ground, and Grass, to name a few. Each type has the upper hand over the other.

For example, if you use a Water-type Pokemon to attack a Ground-type Pokemon, it will net you double the normal damage due to its advantages. Similarly, if you use a Fire-type Pokemon against another Fire-type Pokemon, you will yield just a quarter less than double the normal damage. These are some of the most significant types fought against the other, leading to great damage combos.

To check out all the types and their compatibilities, click here. You will be able to figure it all out in no time!

Now that you know how the different types of Pokemon work, it will be much easier for you to master the card game in no time. Don’t forget to always look into the Pokemon’s details and evaluate each type’s advantages and disadvantages before you make a move!

So, don’t wait too long and grab your deck and browse through your cards to see which Pokemon can fight best against the other.