Along with Fire and Water types, the Grass-type Pokemon is one of the basic elemental types in the Pokemon Universe; however, they are considered the weakest among the three types. Hence, they are usually attached to other Energy and Support cards like that of Poison to enhance their strength. 

The Grass-type can have some of the best moves in the card game, provided you are aware of which card to pick and which one to keep at bay. Follow this guide to get the hang of one of the strongest grass–type Pokemon in your collection!

5. Accelgor

From the Dark Explorers set, Accelgor has an HP of 90. This is a Stage 1 Pokemon. The “Deck and Cover” attack brought it to our top 5 list. With this attack, you can paralyze and poison your opponent’s Pokemon while sending damage of 50. 

Throughout the history of TCG, Accelgor has seen battles with different Pokemon attached to them, such as Mew, Trevenant, and Dusknoir. 

4. Muk

Muk, which evolves from Grimer, is a 70 HP Stage 1 Pokemon. Its Pokemon Power is “Toxic Gas.” It prevents all Pokemon Powers other than Toxic Gases from damaging it unconditionally. It even has an attack of “Sludge” that deals 30 damage to your opponent’s defending Pokemon. 

It would be best if you got heads on a coin flip to play it. 

3. Verizon EX

The Verizon EX card is a basic Pokemon with an HP of 170. It has the ability of “Verdant Wind,” which allows any Pokemon of Grass Energy attached to Verizon EX to remain unaffected by any special conditions like poisoning, paralyzing, or falling asleep, making your deck much more powerful than before. It has an attack, ‘Emeral Slash,’ that deals 50 damage to the opponent.  

2. Golisopod GX

With a massive HP of 210, Golisopod GX is a Stage 1 Grass-type Pokemon. It has an attack known as “‘First Impression,” which normally deals 30 damage, but if it becomes active in your turn after being benched, it deals 90 more damage. There is “‘Armor Press” with 100 damage and ‘Crossing Cut GX’ with 150 damage. 

1. Decidueye GX

At number 1, we have Decidueye GX with a towering HP of 240, which came out with the Sun and Moonset. This card is insanely powerful with the ability “Feather Arrow,” which means you can put two damage counters on any of your opponent’s Pokemon before your attack. With ‘Razor Leaf’ leading damage of 90, you can use this card in your deck to achieve victory in no time!

All in all, grass attack moves are super effective against Water, Ground, and Rock Pokemon. With defense moves being best from attacks sent by Water, Electric, Grass, and Ground Pokemon, you can win a tournament if you know when to use them. 

All you have to do is play smart!