The Pokémon universe has been a source of happiness for thousands of individuals, from children to adults. With the television cartoon being everyone’s favorite, it was no surprise that the Pokémon trading card game’s (TCG) launch became impossible to ignore.  Years later, the Pokémon card craze is still growing, with many enthusiasts often taking part in big tournaments and competitions.

If you are one such enthusiast who is new to this yet still wants to play the game now and then, you have come to the right place to help you figure out what Pokémon cards will help you defeat your opponent!

Whether you are a competitor or a collector, below is a list of the top 5 best water-type Pokémon cards that have been released over the years, which more or less guarantee your win by a clear margin against your competitor.

5. Gyarados:

Evolving from Magikarp, the Gyarados card is from Stormfront. Being a level 52 card, it has three different attacks that a player can make use of. The most impactful one is the ‘Tail Revenge.’ It takes up 0 energy yet does damage up to 30 times the amount of Magikarp in your discard pile. 

The expert belt gave Gyarados 20 more HP, taking it up to 130 HP, making it a very hard Pokémon to knock out. With this one, you should win the game by a clear margin. 

No Pokémon card game guide will truly cover all that you need to know, but with this information, you are now one step further in your journey of becoming a Pokémon Master! 

4. Feraligatr:

Amongst the oldest cards made, Feraligatr is a stage 2 card with 120 HP. Along with being able to use the attack’ Riptide,’ which did ten damage plus ten damage multiplied by the number of water energy Pokémon cards in your discard pile, the Feraligatr deck was considered to be one of the most powerful in its era with items cards like ‘Misty’s Wrath.’

3. Keldeo Ex:

This is a basic water-type Ex Pokemon with up to 170 HP. This is a powerful card because it has the ability to ‘Rush In’. 

What that does is if this Pokémon was on the bench, you could switch it with a Pokémon of yours that is active, allowing you to recycle Keldeos back and forth. With the help of item cards like ‘Float Stone,’ it allowed you to switch any attacker you want out. 

2. Seismitoad Ex:

First released as part of the Furious Fists expansion, it is one of the most dominant playing cards with an HP of 180. 

It consisted of two very powerful attacks: Quaking Punch and Grenade Hammer. The former prevented your opponent from using any item card in their next turn. This card is quite controlling, and with item cards like ‘Hypnotoxic Laser,’ you can easily win the game.

1. Blastoise: 

Evolving from Wartortle, the Blastoise card from Boundaries Crossed expansion; this was a Stage 2 card with an HP of 140. With attacks like Hydro Pump, you get to do ten more damage for each water-type energy attached to this Pokémon, making it easily one of the strongest cards to use along with other cards like Blastoise Ex. 

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