When playing Pokémon: The Card Game (TCG), every player should know what the best move is to win the game. I mean, how can you win if you don’t know what your golden moves are, right? 

In this blog, we discuss the Top 5 Lightning Pokémon Cards to help you win your battles and become a Pokémon Master! These lightning Pokémon have always impressed users due to their powers like that of paralyzing and stun. 

5. Magnezone

The generation IV Magnezone is inevitably in our top 5, considering it has 11 resistances and one immunity! You will have to pay close attention to damage with this card; however, because it falls short in the weaknesses, it has to attacking type Pokémon. With an HP of 140, and an ability like Magnetic Circuit, which allows you to attach any other lightning energy card to any Pokémon card from your deck, you are bound to win. 

Now that you know what the best cards to play are when it comes to Lightning Pokémon, it’s time to go searching for these to add to your collection. 

Stagger your opponent off the playing field in a matter of seconds, especially those heavily dependent on Flying and Water-type Pokémon!

4. Jolteon

Having evolved with the Thunderstone, Jolteon has an HP of 90. With a speed base of 130, this makes Jolteon one of the quickest and agile Pokémon in the card game. 

With this card, you can be both offensive and defensive, or a balance of both if you like. Moreover, it facilitates your other Pokémon in play to become a lightning type Pokémon along with their existing type with its ability ‘Electric Effect.’ 

Use this card and see just how well it fits with your deck format. 

3. Tapu Koko GX

Many players argue that Tapu Koko GX isn’t the strongest playing card in Pokémon TCG. While it may not have any resistance, unlike many other GX units, Tapu Koko doesn’t harbor any weaknesses either. It’s ability, known as ‘Sky-High Claws,’ delivers a shock for 130 damage with no side effect. In comparison, ‘Tapu Thunder GX’ delivers 50 damage, multiplied by the amount of energy attached to all those Pokémon the player is opposing. 

2. Thundurus

A force to be reckoned with, Thundurus is a player-favorite and is used in many tournaments. With attacks like ‘Headlock’ that requires a flip of a coin, either option helps you win against your opponent. If you get heads, the attack will do 30 + 30 damage, and if tails, your opponent’s active Pokémon becomes paralyzed!

1. Mega Ampharos

With a whopping HP of 220, at number one, we have the Mega Amphorus. This lighting type Pokémon is equipped with an extremely powerful type of attack known as Exavolt. Though its speed isn’t up to par with a meager 45 stat due to its bulk, it is a great card to be played as a defense against an attacker.

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