Pokémon has endeared the hearts and minds of fans in all seven continents, whether it’s from a competitor or collector side with the Pokémon trading card game or even the TV show itself. Ever since its release decades ago, people have been going crazy over collecting the Pokémon cards and putting them to good use against their opponents. 

Below we have categorized our five personal favorite Fire-type Pokémon for you to collect and use in your next game – if you want to win. Let’s have a look!

5. Ho-Oh EX

The Ho-Oh EX from the Dragon’s Exalted set made it to our list of top 5. With an HP of 160, Ho-Oh is a basic Fire-type Pokémon. The reason this Pokémon topped the charts when it came out is because of its ability ‘Rebirth.’ With this, before the player would attack, they were allowed to flip a coin. If it was head, they were allowed to bring Ho-Oh back to the bench from the discard pile, along with attaching any three basic Energy cards from the discard pile.

4. Emboar

This Pokémon Card was printed twice in the Black and White set, as well as Legendary Treasures. With an HP of 150, Emboar has the ability known as ‘Inferno Fandango.’ It allowed players to attach a Fire Energy card from their hand to their Pokémon before their attack. 

If you plan on adding this to your collection, be sure to bag its supporting cards as well for a stronger attack.

3. Flareon EX 

A 110 HP Stage 1 Pokémon, Flareon EX has the Poke-Power ‘Evolutionary Flame’ and attacks ‘Flame Screen’ and ‘Heat Tackle.’ The former did a damage of 30 and reduced any attack done by your opponent by 20, whereas Heat Tackle damaged your opponent by 70 and did 10 damage to itself. 

2. Blaziken

Blaziken is a stage 2 100 HP Pokémon. The attack ‘Fire Stream’ not only does 50 damage, but if you discard a Fire Energy card attacked to Blaziken, this attack does 10 damage to each of the Benched Pokémon your opponent has. This widespread attack really weakens your opponents and helps you reach victory every time!

1. Reshiram & Charizard GX

Nothing can top this insanely strong card, especially with a whopping 270 HP. It is made even stronger with supporting cards like ‘Welder.’ It has three different attacks, ‘Outrage’ for 30 damage, ‘Flare Strike’ for 230 damage, and ‘Double Blaze GX,’ which does 200 damage, plus 100 more if you have three extra Fire Energy cards attached! 

This card is insanely difficult to knock down because every damage done to it results in a counter of 10 more damage on the opponents’ card.

Hit your opponent with any one of these Fire-type Pokémon cards in your next battle and expect a clear-cut win in no time! Those around you witnessing your game will be in a state of shock after seeing how well you’ve made use of your Fire Pokémon!

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