Are you a Pokémon fan, browsing the web endlessly to understand how the rare Pokémon cards work? 

Good thing we have you covered! 

If you already know the basics of the Pokémon cards, you probably already know that every single Pokémon card set has a collector’s card identification number in that set, along with the rarity identification on the bottom righthand corner. What you probably don’t know is that this is considered to be one of the most essential parts of a card, especially for collector enthusiasts! 

Let’s get into the details of each kind of rarity, how it is symbolized, and what each rarity means.

Common Cards:

Common cards, like the name describes, are those that are abundantly available. As a collector, you will most likely come across these very often and maybe even end up having multiple copies of the same card. To distinguish them with other cards, check out their black circle symbol. 

Despite what many might have you believe, having multiple copies of a common card isn’t a bad thing! It allows you to trade your card with someone who might not have it for a card from their collection that you might not have, allowing you to expand your Pokémon card collection!

Uncommon Cards:

Though such cards aren’t rare, you won’t come across them the same way you do with common cards. Any pack that you purchase will contain about 2 to 3 of these kinds of cards, along with 4 to 5 common cards. These are symbolized with a black diamond. 

Rare Cards:

Rare cards are the strongest, coolest, and most desirable cards out there. These are the cards that you definitely want to add to your collection, especially if you’re looking to increase their value by tenfold. Not only are they more challenging and more aesthetically pleasing, but the Pokémon’s featured on them are also quite powerful. 

Symbolized by a black star, these cards tend to be made of holofoil or are holographic. Super cool, right?

Super Rare Cards:

These are quite like rare cards, except they are even harder to come by! With people going out of their way to purchase or find a way to put them in their collection, these cards really make you stand out. 

Amongst many, some super rare, also known as ultra-rare, cards include:

  • Pokémon-EX;
  • Pokémon GX;
  • Pokémon Legend;
  • Pokémon Prime; and
  • Pokémon Star.

Secret Rare Cards:

Every now and then, sets tend to include a ‘secret rare card.’ These cards basically go beyond the set’s limit. For example, the Black and White set had a total of 114 Pokémon cards, but every now and then, there would be an extra card, labeled as ‘115/114’ on the bottom right-hand corner, which is one number higher than the actual amount of cards the set is supposed to include. 

Such cards, more often than not, include a holographic star on them to symbolize its rarity. If you’ve wrestled through your collection to find one of these, it’s best to keep it close to you, as the secret rare card will truly outshine your entire collection! 

Now that you understand how rarity works with these cards look back at your Pokémon cards and figure out how much your collection is really worth. 

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